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Offeringаstudio and live audio recording services in the Maryland-DC area since 2001. аSavin Sound Company is your top notch, affordable solution. Savin Sound specializes in location performance live recording. We bring our studio quality equipment to you. Then, using proven recording techniques, your performance is captured directly onto a digitalа recording system. The recordings are then brought into the studio and painstakingly mixed and mastered for optimal sonic quality. Provided to you is a fully mastered uploaded file and/or CD recording suitable for broadcast, distribution or promotion.

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Savin Sound Company includes recording studio facilities that are perfect for recording production and demo CD’sаas well as audition CD’s and pre-screening material for music schools and camps.

Savin Sound also offers live PA services. Perfect for house concerts, church events, company events, parties, etc.а

Located in Ellicott City, MD.

Serving the Baltimore Metro area.


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